© Julia Merrett

We prefer to tell it like it is. We don’t over-style everything we shoot or go home and polish the life out of it either. Sure, some things need an extra bit of creative attention, but some things are better left to play out on their own.  Engaging with your environment is often better than disturbing it. We’d rather wait for the authentic and interesting moments to come along. And they always do.

Professionalism and good technical knowledge are important to us but so is an enjoyable working environment. If we aren’t having a laugh with our subjects and clients then we haven’t connected with them – which honestly, is rare. We’re easy-going, easy to chat with and enjoy that our job gets us out into the world, meeting new people.

There are other things we love: the ocean, surfing, running up mountains with our two dogs and being lazy on the couch with our fat cat called Fattie. Saturday morning market treasures, loud conversation and the music our parents brought us up on.

We’re very grateful for the job we do, the life-long gift of pictures and for the opportunity they give us to tell other people’s stories. The funny thing is, it’s in telling those stories that we get to tell our own.