19th March 2015

Little Things

A Short Film by MVR Pictures

Pictures by welovepictures Words by Travis

There are things that we give a great deal of our time and energy to, that we have passionate arguments over and sometimes, we are ashamed to admit, even loose sleep over.  Of course, all of this happens behind the scenes and only our clients get to see & experience the fruits of our labour first hand. We really are talking about little things here but even so, little things we care a whole lot about; like prints, books and the packaging that our clients receive their pictures in. For years now, we've had a great love of fine art papers and rarely print on anything else. Our handwritten note cards are lovingly letter-pressed - a beautiful but dying art. We couldn't bare to hand over pictures on a common CD, there's just nothing special about it, so we searched until we found a sleek & interesting alternative. We changed our boxes from sliding to magnetic, soft closing lids because we wanted the experience of opening the package for the first time to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Little things sure, but these little things really do matter to us. When it came time to photograph and present these little things on our website we really battled to do them justice. No matter what we did the pictures fell short of showing off these details & they could never come close to the experience of holding them in your hands.  So we decided to make a short film, where light and movement and sound come together to bring these little things to life. The film gives an idea of the love and care that goes into wrapping up a wedding and sending the pictures off to a client. We collaborated with MVR Pictures on this little film, they did a great job, and we invite you to check out more of the films by clicking though on the link. We'd also like to mention Seven Swans, as their input made a huge difference to these little things - we really enjoyed collaborating with them.