28th March 2017

Alice + Clayton

You DO NOT Complete Me // Cartel Rooftop

Pictures welovepictures    Words Maike

Alice Edy and Clayton Petersen are two of the best humans we know. And we think all their friends and family, or anyone who has ever met them for that matter, will agree. We met Alice and Clayton more than seven years ago, at one of the first weddings that we shot back in Gauteng, and we immediately hit it off with them. You can't help but love these two. Naturally, we were super excited when they asked us, seven years later, to document their own wedding - a "wedding" they said, but more a party... which it definitely was. It was one of the most laid-back weddings we've ever shot. But also one of the most emotionally-charged ones - with so much joy and tears, we walked away with over-flowing hearts. The roof-top ceremony at Inner City Ideas Cartel was perfectly timed for sunset, with loads of giggles and tears, pizzas and informal seating made the reception feel like a big dinner party, speeches with more laughter and tears, and to wrap it all up: ice cream from The Creamery, shooters and cupcakes at midnight - to celebrate Clayton turning 40! But our favourite part of the day, were the words spoken by Alice in her speech to Clayton. These words will stay with us forever, because anyone that has loved, deep down knows that this is truth. And we love Alice all the more for it, for having the courage to speak them out loud on her wedding day, to defy the "subtle lies" that the world tells us, and for honestly and imperfectly sharing her heart. We feel exactly the same. And hope that these words shared here, will speak to you too.  "Clayton Petersen, on our wedding day, let the record state: You are NOT my Everything. You are NOT my One and Only. You DO NOT "complete me"... I love you deeply, honestly and imperfectly. I respect you immeasurably. And you are the most fun I have ever had. You make every day better. Thank you. - Alice Edy Thank you Alice and Clayton, documenting this day for you was like a beautiful unexpected gift x