3rd July 2014

The Allison Family

A day in the life of the Allison Family. Newlands, Cape Town

Pictures Maike // welovepictures    Words Maike

I recently had the joy of photographing our good friends Matt and Kathy Allison and their sweet kids Nathan and Olivia. Like with all family shoots, I spent a some time with them in their home to document them doing their usual thing - nothing too posed or staged, but rather just them being themselves and hanging out as a family. It was one of those wonderfully crisp yet warm Autumn days in Cape Town, and I loved spending the afternoon with these guys - we played the piano, and the drums, I got shown every single toy in the house, Olivia rode her tortoise called Harold, Nathan did some gardening, Olivia got thrown into the air and got thrown into the air some more, and then we ended it all with a beautiful walk to the Newlands Reservoir to skip some stones. It was a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon and I loved documenting this little family - thank you guys x

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