30th January 2014

Andre and Chrizelle

A Wedding Celebration In Gabrielskloof

Pictures welovepictures Words Maike

We met Chrizelle a year or so ago at Janina and Léan's wedding - she was attending the wedding and she also did Janina's make-up. Back then, she told us that if she ever got married, we'd have to shoot her wedding. Fast forward a few months - we receive a mail from her, telling us that she got engaged! To this sweet Australian guy, who turns out to be Corné's brother. We photographed Corné and Lara just a few months before that. Small world. So when we arrived at Chrizelle and Andre's wedding, it felt like we knew everyone already. Which we kind of did. It was a small and intimate wedding at beautiful Gabrielskloof, in the heart of the Overberg and everything about it was right. Andre and Chrizelle (or Zellie, as she is affectionally known) were so excited to start their new life together and it showed. We loved how they couldn't stop smiling, and the way they kept gently wiping tears of joy off each others cheeks. They glowed. For an entire day. The friends and family that surrounded them glowed too. André and Chrizelle live in Australia now and we hope they are still glowing. Thank you guys, we loved documenting your wedding day.

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