3rd February 2015

The Bullivant Family

A Family In Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

Pictures Maike //welovepictures    Words Maike

Some of you might recognise these faces from this wedding we photographed a few years back. Yes, they're the ones who jumped into the pool - wedding kit and all. Mark and Jes have a kid now and he is the sweetest. I went to hang out with them and baby Thomas to document them as a family - and as usual with our family shoots -  I photographed them just hanging out in their beautiful home, doing what they would usually do as a family on a Saturday morning. It was so nice because Mark and Jes completely understand our approach so they just let me do my thing. I loved sharing this morning with them and as always, I loved getting a little glimpse into their story, their little family, their life. I always walk away from these shoots with an overflowing heart, so grateful to be able to share and capture these real moments of beautiful, honest people. It was such a delight to photograph you again, Bullivants x

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