23rd November 2015

Remember Prints?

Celebrating The Forgotten Beauty Of The Print

Pictures welovepictures    Words Maike

Lately we have been talking a lot about the forgotten beauty of the print. And as photographers, we feel it our responsibility to encourage our friends, family and clients to print their pictures.  Because pictures are meant to be printed. Pictures are an expression of our experiences and our relationships. They are a document of the past and of the present, a cherished memory we want to preserve. And we believe that the way we keep our pictures is also the way we treasure them. Yes, we are the digital generation. Creating and "storing" our memories has never been easier. And so each and every day, we create digital libraries of pictures, only for them to get lost on our computers, in the cloud or on hard drives. But technology changes and unfortunately hard drives fail. We have heard one to many horror stories of hard drives failing and entire libraries of pictures - years of memories - being lost. Pictures of memories that can never be recreated. Preserve your memories on paper, because pictures aren’t real until you print them. We are excited to be offering this new service and with Christmas being around the corner, we would like to encourage you to give the gift of memories this Season. Please get in touch for more info.

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