10th December 2014

Danelle and Dirk

A rad couple, the best coffee in Cape Town and a mountain.

Pictures welovepictures    Words Maike

Danelle got in touch with us for the first time almost two years ago - just to tell us that our work is beautiful. She is one helluva talented photographer, and she tells beautiful stories with her pictures. She lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. Do yourselves a favour and check out her work. Needless to say, we felt pretty damn good about ourselves after reading her mail and all the kind and encouraging things she had to say to us about our work :) She then got in touch again a while back to let us know that she and her capetonian husband would be in town and they would love to meet us, hang out and maybe we could take a picture or two of them while we're at it. Of course we said yes. We asked them what they love and they said coffee and mountains. So we organised a little coffee tasting with our friends from Rosetta Coffee Roasters. They source single-origin and estate coffees and they are the best coffee roasters in Cape Town. Ollie, the charming barista, did the tasting for them and they loved it. Naturally. Be sure to get yourselves some coffee from Rosetta Roastery at The Woodstock Exchange. They also deliver twice weekly in Cape Town, free of charge, which is rad. We then showed Danelle and Dirk one of our favourite places in Cape Town - the pipe track just below Table Mountain. It was one of those magic Cape Town days, the air was warm and the light was beautiful. We hung out more than anything, really. We talked a LOT and we laughed like old friends. They are a wonderful couple and we feel so lucky to have met them. Thank you Danelle and Dirk, we loved sharing that afternoon with you and we hope to see you in New Zealand soon :)

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