3rd April 2014

Our Gathered Home

A Sneak Peek Into The welovepictures Home. Observatory, Cape Town.

Pictures welovepictures    Words Maike

When Matt Allison asked to feature our home on Our Gathered Home, he mentioned a few words we really like. Real. Authentic. Honest. He explained that Our Gathered Home is all about showing "carefully curated homes that have been put together over time with a lot of love and care, and in most cases very little money. It's NOT a big shelter mag thing, it's all roots, down to earth homes." Matt specifically asked us to not over-style or set up/pose anything in our home, but rather just to photograph it 'as it is'. This was music to our ears. It is exactly what we do when we document weddings and other lifestyle related projects. We 'tell it like it is'.  It's what we love most about photography - the story. So here's a little glimpse into our story. This is our home and although it's a little rental, we love this home. Of course we long to own our own home and we look forward to the day that we will. To live closer to the ocean.To have space and a garden for our dogs and to grow vegetables. And to one day, have a little babe crawling around. But for now, this is home. It's been for three years and it's been good to us and we love living in it. Thanks for a fun project, Matt - we loved photographing this for you . Be sure to check out Our Gathered Home for more beautiful and authentic homes.

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