16th November 2013

Janina and Lean

A Simple & Elegant Wedding at Babylonstoren.

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It's getting harder and harder to sum up a wedding in a paragraph or two and it has become impossible to do it in less than one hundred pictures. We would so love to describe every spectacular detail of this wedding at Babylonstoren to you all but we take far better pictures than we write words. The venue is truly magnificent and to do it fair justice we took a paragraph from their website which we hope they don't mind us quoting here.
" The Babylonstoren garden is at the heart of the farm.  It was inspired by the Company Gardens of the Cape, where for centuries ships would replenish with sweet water, vegetables and fruit at the halfway station between Europe and Asia.  It also hales back to the mythical garden of Babylon.
Spanning eight acres, the Babylonstoren garden is formal in structure.  Every one of over 300 varieties of plants in the garden is edible and it is grown as biologically as we can.  Fruit and veg are harvested year round for use in our restaurant.  The garden is divided into fifteen clusters spanning vegetable areas, berries, bees, indigenous plants, ducks and chickens and includes a prickly pear maze.  Gravity feeds water into waterways from stream into the garden as it was done for 300 years."
The couple are beautiful, kind hearted people. The best kind. They chose a magical venue but had a simple wedding there. The scenery may have been epic but the wedding itself was toned down and scaled back to just a few very simple, eye catching elements.  Bunches of fragrant rosemary hung from the rafters of the old cellar, white napkins were simply placed unfolded on the table, in a kind of organic way. Fitting for the farm. Minimal arrangements of artichoke flowers and cabbage leaves in large vases were spaced far apart along one long table, where the guests feasted on fresh produce pulled from the soil beneath them.
This wedding had room to breath.
It was as weddings should be.  Simple, beautiful & full of joy.  A grand feast with loved ones and a bit of dancing at the end.
It was wonderful to photograph.  Thank you Janina and Lean.

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