16th December 2013

Joe and Ana

The Day A Capetonian Wed A Columbian. Beloftebos, Stanford

Pictures by welovepictures   Words by Maike

Joe is from Cape Town and Ana is from Columbia and they picked the beautiful forest at Beloftebos to get married in. It was a small and intimate celebration and the ceremony was beautiful. It's not often that we pay much attention to what is being said during a ceremony - we are usually too focussed on the people and what is happening. We're there to do a job after all.

But the words that were said on Joe and Ana's wedding day will probably stay with us for a long-long time. He talked about history and family and how beautiful and important it was that Ana's grand-grand-grandmother met, married and loved Ana's gran-grand-grandfather. Without their union, and the union of their children, and the union of their grandchildren, Ana would not be here to marry Joe. And the same goes for Joe's family.
It reminded us that a wedding day not only celebrates the union of two people - but it also honours the marriages that came before ours.

What we loved most about Joe and Ana's wedding, must've been the way these two families welcomed each other with open arms. Each family and friend literally hugged the other - it was the biggest most beautiful hug we have ever seen. We loved that. That and Joe's little nephew who was too scared to be a ring bearer. So he asked if he could wear his dinosaur suit to make him brave. But he was still scared.

Thank you Joe and Ana, we loved photographing your wedding day.

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