15th July 2016

Johnny and Leontine

A Weekend Celebration At De Hoop Nature Reserve

Pictures welovepictures    Words Maike

Wedding season is slowing down here in Cape Town, which means we have a bit of a breather to finally share some of the beautiful celebrations we've shot over the past few months. Johnny and Leontine's weekend celebration at De Hoop Nature Reserve was one of them, for sure. It was a weekend filled with so much goodness, joy and celebration, and one that made us fall in love with our job all over again. Documenting real and genuine celebrations like this always has us feeling more grateful and richer afterwards. It's what we love most about what we do: real moments between real people is what it's all about. It's what makes the life-long gift of pictures so beautiful to us, they have a way of reminding us of what's true and meaningful in life. And Johnny and Leontine did exactly that. They celebrated the people they love, they laughed, they cried, they sang and they danced. What a wedding!

De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_001 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_002 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_003 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_004 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_005 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_006 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_008 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_009 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_010 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_011 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_012 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_013De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_014 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_015 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_016 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_017 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_018 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_019 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_020 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_021 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_022De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_023 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_024 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_025 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_026 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_027 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_028 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_029 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_030 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_031De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_032 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_033 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_034 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_035 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_036 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_037 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_038 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_039 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_040De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_041 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_042 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_043 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_044 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_045 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_046 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_047 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_048 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_049De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_050 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_051 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_052 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_053 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_054 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_055 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_056 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_057 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_058De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_059 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_060 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_061 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_062 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_063 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_064 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_065 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_066 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_067De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_068 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_069 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_070 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_071 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_072 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_073 367_TTT5913De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_074 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_075 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_076 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_077 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_078 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_079 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_080 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_081 446_MMM7794 524_MMM8007De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_082 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_083 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_084 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_085De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_086 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_089 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_091 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_088 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_093 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_094 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_095 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_096 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_098 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_099 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_100 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_103De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_101De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_102De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_104 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_007De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_105De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_107 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_108 616_TTT6760De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_109De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_110 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_111 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_112 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_113 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_114 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_115 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_116 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_117 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_118 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_119 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_120 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_121 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_122 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_123 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_124 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_125 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_126 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_127 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_128 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_129 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_130 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_131 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_132 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_133 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_134 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_138 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_139De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_141De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_142 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_143De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_135 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_136 De Hoop Wedding_welovepictures_137