25th September 2013

Karin and Craig

A Spontaneous Portrait. Bettys Bay, Cape Town.

Pictures welovepictures   Words Maike

When our friends Karin and Craig got engaged, we decided it was a good excuse to photograph them. We also think they are really good-looking human beings. And we love them. We've spent a few weekends in Betty's Bay with Karin and Craig, so it only seemed natural to photograph them there, in this place where we, and they, have made a bunch of beautiful memories together. It was a grey and windy day and it was perfect. It always amazes us to see how relaxed and easy-going our friends are when we're around them with our cameras. Karin and Craig are some of our closest friends, but funnily enough, we had never photographed them before. Photographing them was the most natural and easiest thing for us to do. And they were great. We hope that we've captured some of the honest and raw love between Karin and Craig. We are so excited for them and their upcoming marriage and commitment to do life together. It excites us to know that we'll be journeying through life with wonderful people like this, documenting little snippets of their life and reminding ourselves that we are young only once.

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