31st August 2013

Marcel and Noelle

A Bush Wedding On A Pomegranate Farm In Mpumalanga

Pictures welovepictures  Words Maike

Marcel and Noelle’s wedding was on a beautiful Pomegranate farm out in the Mpumalanga High Veld, which to us felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. What a treat, to get out of the madness that is the city and to be surrounded by nothing but the quiet heat that is the bush veld, the low humming of cicadas and the smell of wild air. This is one of the many reasons why we love what we do - we get to explore and see so much of our beautiful country. Marcel and Noelle's wedding reminded us much of our own - a bunch of close friends and family had been helping to set everything up the entire week and when we arrived on the Friday before the wedding, we were welcomed by sweaty smiling faces, friendly hugs and cold beers. Their wedding day was so laid back and relaxed, we almost felt like we were on holiday. The decorations were simple and beautiful and the fact that the warm breeze dropped a few leaves and seeds on the white table cloths only added to the beauty of it. Friends and family spent the day hanging out, drinking good wine and eating well and the party kicked off to fairy lights and a super moon. Marcel and Noelle, thank you for the beers, a beautiful escape and for allowing us to document your wedding.

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