8th December 2013

Mark and Lee-Ann

A wedding in the quaint country village of Tulbagh

Pictures by welovepictures   Words by Maike

After a very long season last year, we decided to shoot only 2-3 weddings a month to allow us at least one weekend of rest. Mark and Lee-Ann got in touch with us a month before their wedding because their previous photographer dropped them at the last minute (yeah, we know). And yep, you guessed it, their wedding was on our weekend off. Needless to say, once we met them and and heard their story, our hearts melted and we agreed to document their wedding. And oh boy, are we glad we did.

There was so much laughter, tears of joy, an amazing 'You and Me kiddo' sign and a bunch of beautiful kind-hearted people. We were surrounded by mountains, incredible-incredible mountains. We loved the easy-going nature of Mark and Lee-Ann, their easy laughs, sincere words and the way they so easily shared their big day with us, two strangers with cameras. It still blows us away that we get to share and be a part of these intimate and truly beautiful moments with some very special human beings - and the best part of it is, that we get to tell their story with the pictures we make.

Mark and Lee-Ann, we're so glad you found us at the last minute and we loved documenting your wedding day - thank you.

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