24th February 2014

Mieke and William

A Surprise Engagement in an Olive Grove. Goede Hoop, Paarl.

Pictures by welovepictures Words by Travis

Those of us who have gone through it know the feeling. The sickening nerves before. The complete surprise at that moment and then the immense joy after it all. Getting engaged is something really special that we will hopefully all get to go through. William had been in contact with us for a while before, hoping that we be a part of the surprise when he asked Mieke to marry him. We all agreed that stalking them in the bushes waiting for "the moment" may not be that easy or fun and so we decided it was better to leave the surprise portrait session till just after he popped the question. Mieke said yes! And even though we had only just me them we couldn't stop smiling. We felt so honored to share in this joy with them. Now we actually shot this engagement 6 months ago but decided to keep it to post in our new Journal. We thought it would be a great intro to their actual wedding photographs which will be posted here tomorrow. Yes, this super cute couple were married a few weeks back.  Their spectacular wedding was set in the same olive grove where William proposed and it may be one of the most beautiful we have had the privilege of covering. Check back tomorrow, trust us. :)

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