13th January 2016

Andrea and Nolan

A Family Fete At Olive Rock, Witzenberg Valley

Pictures welovepictures    Words Maike

We love returning to Olive Rock in the Witzenberg Valley. The mountains are ever-changing, just like the celebrations that we shoot there. We photographed a wedding at Olive Rock this past weekend and I remembered that we never blogged Andrea and Nolan's wonderful celebration that we shot there last year. That's how it goes, I guess, when it's high Summer in Cape Town and we shoot all the time - the most important thing for us is to get the work into the clients happy hands - but beautiful weddings end up being archived before we have the chance to blog them. So today I dug through our Archives and here it is. Andrea and Nolan are two of the sweetest and we felt honoured to partake in their love that day. It was a simple, unpretentious celebration, where the only focus was on their love and appreciation for each other and their family. The way it should be. Thank you again Andrea and Nolan for allowing us to capture this part of your life, it was a joy to document.

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