20th August 2014

The Pedersen Family

A day in the life of the Pedersen family. Woodstock, Cape Town

Pictures Maike//welovepictures   Words Maike

I recently had the joy of documenting this sweet family again. The last time I photographed these beauties was two Summer's ago when little baby Dan was just a wee bump in his Mama's belly. I was delighted to photograph this little human being that I have come to love so much, hanging out with his Mama and Papa - a new little family just doing their usual thing on a rainy Sunday morning Photographing a family is always such a treat for me. I love that I get to hang out with them in such a natural way and that I thereby become a little part of their family - for this one day I get to be a part of  this trivial, yet incredibly beautiful thing: a real family being real with each other. Life at this moment, just as it is. Luke, Jen and sweetest Dan - thank you for inviting me into your family. I loved documenting you guys x

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