18th January 2014

Ross and Charlotte

A Celebration In The Gardens Of Babylonstoren

Pictures welovepictures Words Maike

When Charlotte got in touch with us, we did a little research on her (as one does - thank you Google) and so we stumbled on Wunderlotte. We were intrigued to find out that we'd be photographing a celebrity's wedding. Or second wedding rather. Ross and Charlotte are based in Hong Kong and so they got married there first. But since Ross's family is from South Africa, they decided to celebrate again with a small goup of their closest friends and family here in Cape Town, at Babylonstoren.

We loved how laid back Ross and Charlotte were. Possibly because they had been through it all two weeks before. Their first wedding in Hong Kong included 400 guests, three publications, five photographers and two dresses. Their second wedding had 60 guests and us. And another two beautiful dresses. Ross and Charlotte got dressed together in the same room and the rest of the day felt more like a big family reunion and less like a formal wedding. Of course it still was a wedding, albeit their second one, but they made a point of having a lot of fun.

During the prep-time, they included their take on a chinese tradition called chuangmen, which essentially is a game in which the groom has to 'bargain' for his bride. The bride is locked away in a near-by room during this time - as tradition demands. On the morning of the wedding, Ross and his groomsmen arrived at the bride's room only to have all their credit cards taken to 'buy' Charlotte. From there, Ross had to pass a number of tests and it escalated into a  hysterical, dressed-up, marshmallow-face-stuffing frenzy. We'll let the pictures do the talking from here.
The rest of the day was laid back and followed the usual wedding course. Charlotte changed into a new outfit. So did a lot of the guests. And then there was  dancing. Oh boy, there was a lot of dancing. Even we ended on the dance floor, cameras in hand, and shaking our bums.

Charlotte and Ross, you guys were so much fun and we loved documenting your wedding.

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