5th September 2013

The Pedersens

Sunday Morning with an Expectant Woodstock Family

Pictures welovepictures   Words Maike

When our friends Luke and Jen were expecting their first baby, I went to hang out with them in their beautiful home to document them, their sweet dog Lilla and the little Pedersen bump, just doing their usual thing on a beautiful Sunday morning. We made flapjacks, then ate them and then Jen and Luke had a little lazy Sunday snooze. I think that maternity photography, or any baby-related photography for that matter, can sometimes be quite cheesy. I loved being able to just hang out with Jen and Luke and to document a small part of this season of joyful expectation for them, rather than doing some elaborate photo shoot with only Jen. I think the father is as much a part of this as the mother is, and documenting something real and simple, like them just hanging out on a Sunday morning, is much more relevant. I hope that one day, when Travis and I are expecting our first little one, someone will document us in the same way. It's just beautiful. And it was fun :) Jen, Luke, Lilla and sweetest little bump, thank you for making delicious flapjacks and for a lovely Sunday morning hang-out. You guys are gems. love, Maike

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