Wedding Info

Our Philosophy

The wedding celebration is a real life-event and probably one of the most significant that we will experience in the greater story of our lives. We believe that, in choosing to celebrate this day with family and friends, we honour their role in our story so far and invite them into our future to create new memories together. A wedding is about love, friendship, sharing, thankfulness and joy – it’s about sharing real moments with our closest friends and family. Because people make great weddings, not a bigger budget or on-trend decor.

How We Work

We have a documentary approach to weddings, which is just another way of saying that we prefer a candid, natural way of photographing with very few posed or setup shots on the day. You see, your wedding day is not a photoshoot and so we have very little control over the day’s events and to be honest, we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are excited by the possibilities that each wedding day presents and approach it with great curiosity. Each story is different. Our aim is to show the day as it was, how various aspects unfolded and how your friends and family shared this day with you – the hugs, the tears, the belly-laughs and the way you aunty shook her bum on the dance floor. We hope the pictures will be a treasure for the future and be a reminder of what is true and real in life.


We cover a limited number of weddings per year and we are available both locally and internationally. We take bookings up to 12 months in advance, however we are more than happy to begin the enquiry process at any stage of your planning.


Local Wedding Rates begin at R25,000.00
Destination Wedding Rates begin at $6,000.00*

A full list of our options is available within our rate card and can be requested via the enquiry form on our contact page


How far in advance do we need to book?

6-12 months is advised. Popular dates fill faster than others so get in touch with us as soon as you have a date and we'll check availability. Just so you know, we do not take bookings more than 12 months in advance. We are more than happy to begin the enquiry process with you though.

Do you offer engagement/portrait sessions?

Yes we do. We do them a little differently though. We prefer documenting you while you do something you enjoy doing together. We're happy to tag along while you make pancakes at home, walk on the beach or ride roller coasters and eat candy floss. The idea is to get you doing something fun or interesting so we can photograph the relaxed you.

How do travel costs work?

We'll happily travel within a 50 km radius of our home base in Cape Town for not additional costs. Clients are responsible for the cost of travel beyond that and will be billed an AA rate of R3,00per km. For locations with a travel time of more than 2 hours, please budget for one night's accommodation at a modest B&B. For more than 3 hours travel, please budget for two nights accommodation. Documenting your wedding day fresh and alert is important to us. For weddings outside of the Western Cape, please budget for two flights, car hire & two nights accommodation in a modest B&B.

Is your equipment insured?

Yes. Fully comprehensive, both locally and internationally.

Do you take group pictures of family?

Absolutely. E-mail your list of combinations to us as well as a groomsman/bridesmaid who knows both sides of the family. They will help us gather them up after the ceremony. This list is very important, without it we're lost.

What if we are not comfortable posing?

No one is comfortable really. We keep the posed pictures to a bare minimum and we concentrate on capturing natural pictures during this time too. We will make basic suggestions to help you feel more at ease.

What is the love booth?

Essentially a lo-fi photo-booth set up in front of some beautiful fabric strung between two trees during cocktail hour or against a white wall once the dance floor has opened. The camera and flash are set up with an automated trigger so the guests get to take the pictures themselves. They tend to be shy when we are there. The booth can be super tacky or simply about having pictures taken with your loved ones. There is no on-site printing.

What is the process after the wedding day?

Editing takes between 8 -12 weeks. We take great care to treat each image with individual love & attention. You will receive a selection of images within 2 - 4weeks neatly summing up your wedding celebration to share with friends and family via the web.

What happens to the RAW files?

The RAW files are like our negatives and many of them can be considered as artist sketches because they weren't quite up to standard or because there was another similar picture that was better. Unfortunately we will never hand over the .NEF (RAW) files.

Are all your weddings featured on your blog?

We wish we could, but as we are a small team we don't have the time to blog every wedding. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your wedding will appear on our blog.

Do you offer books?

Yes we do. We are very proud of our books. They are printed on archival fine-art cotton paper, hand stitched to avoid glue and finally bound by hand in fine linens from New York. More info in our rate card.

Are you available to travel nationally and internationally?

We love to travel both nationally, and internationally. It's one of the many reasons we love what we do. But please note that we only cover a limited number of destination weddings per year. Home is where the heart is right?

Will there always be two photographers on the day?

Yes. Two sets of eyes throughout the day. We split up during the prep time as it makes sense that its girls only and boys only respectively.

Do we need to pay a deposit and is it refundable?

The deposit is R5,000 and is due once you confirm your date with us. The deposit is non-refundable so please make sure you are certain you want us to be there to tell the story of your wedding celebration.

Do you have back up equipment on the day?

Yes we do.

What can we do to help on the day?

We highly recommend an on-the-day wedding coordinator to make sure that you are free of any organizational duties on the wedding day. It's important that you are able to focus on just enjoying your wedding day. Trust us, this plays a big role in making great pictures. Consider atmospheric lighting for your reception. A little thought goes a long way to creating an atmosphere that is perfect for your guests as well as photography. Fairy lights, café string lights, lamps on tables and plenty of candles. We try to avoid using flash, again "telling it like it is" is important to us.

Do you work with videographers?

Yes, we work well with videographers that have the same documentary approach as we do. If the videographer does not have a similar approach, it can be extremely difficult for us to work candidly and get the natural pictures that we have promised. Ask us for our list of excellent videographers that we work well with.

Will high resolution digital files be included in our package?

Yes they are included in all our packages.

How many pictures will we receive?

Although we believe in quality over quantity, we usually end up handing over anywhere between 600 and 800 fully edited high resolution .JPEG files.

Will we receive prints with our package?

Yes, in your package you will receive a selection of art prints on fine-art, archival paper. Some packages include more than others so please refer to our rate card for more info.